So first thing that I did was add in true dollar figures that I calculated utilizing . All real dollar amounts are in 2016 dollars - that is certainly the newest year that the calculator will enable.

Revenue recovery is usually a bit additional sluggish but additional or much less increases following the GFC - so adjusting for inflation does not change the story. What about changing the vertical scale?

No - income is still rising in recent years.

Finally what about escalating the time scale?

No - nevertheless doesn't adjust the story.

Now I see this sort of thing all the time. Student usually consider that if they are able to come up using a criticism which is right that the argument being produced is always and automatically discredited. Now to be fair Jericho is not attempting to discredit any specific graph, he's warning about misleading graphs.

The moral of this all is the fact that when a buddy starts sharing graphs on Facebook, ask yourself what the graph is attempting to highlight, and what it truly is failing to show iwc swiss replica . Believe about the time period used, panerai replica the measurements used and be sceptical.

And normally try to remember, graphs are not usually the whole picture, let alone the whole story.

I think that's all right, but it can be generally correct. There is certainly generally far more for the story than the picture, but at times not too far more. The government argument that income is down is just not correct cheap replica panerai watches . Down on expectations - yes. Down as a percentage of GDP - in all probability, but nonetheless at in regards to the long-term typical.

The government keeps creating a claim about income having fallen. is Julia Gillard telling this story to college children on Monday.

.. I believe men and women sort of intuitively know that it's been a fairly tough period for organization and if it has been a challenging period for enterprise, that signifies they may be producing much less revenue. If they're making significantly less income they may be paying less tax and which is significantly less tax than we predicted. So overwhelmingly it's significantly less dollars coming in that has changed the Government's budget.

Okay - except for the little problem that this explanation is actually not true. We've got plotted the information from the MYEFO quite a few occasions but nowadays I would like to point to a graph doing the rounds on Facebook.

To my thoughts this graph does an excellent job at dispelling the lie that the government has much less income coming in. Sure it may have much less money coming in relative the expectations - however the government simply does not have less funds coming in. panerai replicas

This morning that happen to be performing the rounds and critiques all of them pointing to shortcomings and misleading indicators and so forth. Integrated in his sample would be the graph I've shown above.

So, we have a poor time scale, distorted vertical scale and use of nominal dollars that exaggerates present revenue.

Those criticisms are correct; but correcting for those challenges doesn't adjust the story the graph tells us.

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